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1.Painting ( English ) 2. Painting ( Bengali ) 3. Art & Craft 4. Boutique & fabric painting        


1.Tabla Badya 2.Guiter Badya 3.Keyboard


1. Rabindra Sangeet 2. Najrul Geeti 3. Shastriya Sangeet 4.Subodh Sangeet 5.Lokogiti Sangeet 6. Vab Sangeet  


1. Abritti  


1.Rabindra Nritya 2.Kathak Nritya 3.Srijanshil Nritya 4.Loko Nritya 4.Manipuri Nritya 5.Odissi Nritya 6.Kuchipudi Nritya 7.Bharatanatyam NrityaNritya


1. Yoga    


    * Are you thinking about applying your organization Affiliation or approval or Frenchie’s?

    *  You are not getting Affiliation or Approval or Frenchie’s from any other board to reduce your student number?

    You may have to be aware of a long-standing and nominated organization robot, but you do not have to do anything,

       Because your student number is very low.

    * You may think that all the boards’ certificates are very expensive and are acceptable in all places, only those certificates

      of  those boards. But just say that this kala Niketan has progressed for your desire and concept.

    * Swarnachitra shilpa kala Niketan gives full assurance to the future of your students.

1.  Access to Approval Even though there are very few students. 2. Swarnachitra Shilpa kala Niketan is the first place in every division of every school of the year, the medal and all the students of fifth sixth and eighth Ghosh. 3. If we organize different workshops in the centers organized by Gold Digit Arts Division, we will co-operate with certificates, judges and training. 4. To help you increase the number of students in your organization, please advise by the seminar through an experienced teacher. 5. Replies are also sent along with written examination papers, in which teachers do not have to waste time to book many books for the answer sheet. 6. With the approval of the Swarnachitra shilpa kala niketan gives the opportunity to become an examinor. 7. Through advanced technology and services, we help you in a variety of ways. 8. An additional 5 and 10% center fee is payable for 50 and 100 students with a rich school. 9. While the center holders have the desire to take our agency, the facility of giving their special agency take-out facility is provided through the office. 10.Dances, music, recitation, yoga are allowed to be displayed in different cultural events.

Total Fees For The Examination 2019-2020

Parambhik Part - I =70/-
Parambhik Part - II =80/-
Adya - =115/-
Madhya - =125/-
Purna - =135/-
1st Year - =150/-
2nd Year - =180/-
3rd Year - =210/-
4th Year - =235/-
5th Year - =290/-
6th Year - =370/-
7th Year - =500/-
8th Year - =580/-

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