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BIJAN MANDAL (Certificate in Design, Kala Bhavana Shantiniketan)



Starting from the year 2009,with the Swarnachitra Art School .Although I had already love for drawing• I took the initiative to do the first thing by looking at my elder brothers picture, and since then I started drawing pictures like myself. After some time I think there is a need for a skilled teacher• After a lot of searching I became familiar with a small drawing institution founded in 2003• Later the teaching techniques of the drawing center overwhelmed me and I decided to get admission in this drawing center. From then on, drawing began with the other way I started with Drawing.In 2015,SwarnachitraAnkan Kendra was renamed Swarnachitra Art School. After several years of continuing to go on the path, I finally got the responsibility of taking some responsibilities of the school• The junior students of the school have been able to perform the duties of drawings and different drawings of the school of drawing training. All work continues to draw my own picture between work and in 2018 I got an opportunity to read at Shantiniketan.Then, in 2018, when the board was formed to form the board, our school principal(Saikat Roy) gave me a special responsibility to form the board.He appointed me as president. Since then, we have been working with both the responsibility of the school and the board’s responsibilities. Hopefully this will improve our organization in the future.