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About Us

This Swarnachitra art school was started in 2003 with a proper drawing plan. The school was established in the name of the first Swarnachitraly Ankan Kendra. The next time the Swarnachitraly was changed to the Swarnachitra Anken Kendra. This was the purpose of the school to fulfill the wishes of poor boys and girls in drawing education. So the journey of the Swarnachitra Anken Kendra, or the Swarnachitra art school, started with a few students. Gradually, the quality of the drawing center continues to grow and develop trust in the students. The process of transferring less than 10 rupees from students is going on. All of this was in charge of the founding artist of our Swarnachitra Art School , Mr.Saikat Roy ( Contemporary Artist ). Craft work was started to continue with the drawing education and its students as well as the need for joy and happiness. From 2003 until 2014 the Swarnachitra Art school was known as the Swarnachitra Anken Kendra. The process of teaching these beautiful pictures of Students and drawing work continues in various streams. Then by the time the name of the Swarnachitra Anken Kendra was changed to the Swarnachitra Art School by changing many hurdles in 2015.Later, a committee was formed in 2016. The board was formed to form a board with this committee and finally it was established in 2018 by Swarnachitra Shilpa Kala Niketan.

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                                                              SWARNACHITRA SHILPA KALA NIKETAN


                     * AN ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED ORGANISATION. Regd No – 1906616620 

                                       * Registered Under State Government. Regd No. S0001454

                             * NATIONAL INSTITUTION FOR TRANSFORMING INDIA  (  Govt. Of India )

                                                                  Regd No – WB/2019/0226829

                             * MINISTRY OF MICRO, SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES ( Govt. Of India )

                                                                     Regd No – WB1500004506

                          * Affiliated by – NEHRU YUVA KENDRA SANGATHAN ( NYKS ) ( Govt. Of India )

                                  * NATIONAL APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING SCHEME ( Govt. Of India )

                                                                   Regd No – EWBNAFD00006

                                  Affiliated by – NATIONAL SANSKRITI CHARUKALA PARISHAD

                                ( Registered Under Govt. of India  )Regd No – NSCP/002/2019


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